Челябинская областная детская клиническая больница

государственное бюджетное учреждение


Многоканальный телефон больницы +7 (351) 225-70-20

Контакт-центр поликлиники +7 (351) 225-60-30 (1)

Платные услуги +7 (351) 225-60-30 (2)

Платные услуги +7 (919) 401-73-53


Здоровье детей Южного Урала - наша забота!

Algorithm of applying to medical organization

Questionnaire for migration registration, you can take it here

(When applying, you can either apply with a completed form or fill it in directly at the MFC
(a blank notification form and sample to be filled in at the reception desk).

You can contact the Multifunctional Centre in Chelyabinsk at the addresses:

164, Truda St., Chelyabinsk MFC
MFC in Tractorozavodsky district - 39 Komarova street
MFC in Kurchatovsky District - Victory Avenue, 396/1
MFC in Leninsky Raion - 118 V Novorossiyskaya St.
MFC in Kalininsky Raion - 125 Universitetskaya Naberezhnaya St.

It is possible to apply for registration with the Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the place of stay


State budgetary institution of health care: Chelyabinsk regional children's clinical hospital

Our mission: «Children's health is our concern»

Our philosophy and principles:

1. We strive to help every sick child

2. We achieve the highest goals and professional results working in a team

3. We change with the with society and time

4. Be honest, decent, open in work and in life

Больница начала работу в 1938. Нашей истории – более 80 лет